MESA Festival: Mothxrhood Review

Tuesday 20thOctober 2020

A developed flow of raw yet relatable conversation evolved from sincere stumbling sentences providing a humorous homage to raising young children, online discussion panel Mothxrhood explored the honest journey of parenthood and womanhood within the creative industry.

Seamlessly navigated by host Shelley Maxwell, guests Kamee Abrahamian and Helen Benigson authentically delved into topics from the politics of care, to the performative birth space, to a sense of ownership challenged by the weight of patriarchal expectations. What was clear throughout, was the overwhelming sense of individualism in each journey with lots of intertwining contrasting and complimentary elements but ultimately all leading to the notion of having to find your own way. 

Later in the discussion, the word ‘Mothering’ itself was challenged, raising new ideas about mothering each other and even oneself as opposed to children, moving away from the denotation of particular feminine ideals and questioning with more acceptance, how this would shape our society. 

Finally, audience questions added spice to the dialogue, raising ideas of imagination vs. reality, links to the climate crisis and even how the social media aesthetic of glorifying the difficult moments in life can affect us. The audience were a credit to the work, adding hard-hitting questions to keep the panellists on their toes whilst stimulating interesting thoughts and ideas that will keep you thinking all day. 

With two new guests, Grace Okereke and Thea Gajicon Thursday, the discussion will undoubtedly take new twists and turns as we continue to unite to share our experiences in a time where connection is paramount, you don’t want to miss it!

Mothxrhood,is a part of the MESA festival, created, curated, and produced by The Fi.ELD, a unique and innovative Programme from East London Dance, find out more about the festival here:

Megan Hamer

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